ProMBS Item Directory

Please note that as of February 2022, this product will be provided free of charge. It will remain available as-is and without updates until the end of 2022.

If you’ve ever felt as though there had to be a better way to look up MBS item numbers, ProMBS Item Directory is for you.

Jump on board:


Designed by GPs, for GPs – so you’ll only be presented with the item numbers that are relevant to your practice.


The item numbers are ordered in logical categories, making for a far more efficient experience than wading through the MBS. You will find GP-related item numbers in their logical place, within 3 clicks.


We do not collect any data from you or your practice whatsoever, so by definition we do not pass your data on to any third parties.

For both VR and Non-VR

The ProMBS Item Directory includes a separate directory of Non-VR item numbers, making it even easier for overseas-trained doctors to find the right numbers – fast!


Designed to support GPs and practices in providing sustainable care, with no ulterior motive.

See it in action.

The MBS – simplified.

Only GP-related item numbers.

A layout that makes sense.

Searchable by keywords.