ProMBS for IPN: MBS Essentials – your questions answered, new and old dilemmas (WA)

ProMBS for IPN: MBS Essentials – your questions answered, new and old dilemmas (WA)

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  • Webinar
    September 9, 2020
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

9 September 2020, 7:00pm to 8:30pm AWST

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1. Outline

MBS Essentials consists of two parts:

  • Predisposing resources and activities (below)
  • 1.5 hour webinar (7:00pm – 8:30pm AWST)


2. Learning outcomes

  1. Understand where to source relevant information on correct billing of MBS item numbers.
  2. Review the common factors that place a doctor at risk of an unsuccessful audit.
  3. Address current controversies in relation to Medicare billing and compliance.


3. Readings

Reading 1

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) education for health professionals


Primary Care Items

  • Attendance Basics
  • Targeted Primary Care Items
  • Assessment Module

Chronic Disease Management for GPs

  • GP Management Plans
  • Team Care Arrangements
  • Allied Health Initiative for GPs

Reading 2

Aftercare or post-operative treatment

For further reference

MBS Online

4. Consider

Read the following cases, and consider what you would bill – and why.

Case 1

Mr Jones was seen by you 6 days ago, with minor head injury and fractured ribs. You charged item 23 and 47471. He presents today with persistent pain. You examine him and note that his pain is secondary to fractured ribs, and you prescribe appropriate analgaesia.

Would you charge Item 23, Item 47471, or no charge (standard aftercare)?

Case 2

34 year old Angela presents for eye blurriness at 10.30 am. You perform a preliminary eye examination which takes 16 min. You charge item 23 for this consultation. You instill a mydriatic, and pt returns after 3 hours for subsequent examination. The second consultation takes 15 min.

Would you charge Item 3, Item 36, Item 23, or not charge at all?

Case 3

9 months ago, you organised a Domicillary Medication Management Review (DMMR) for an 88 year old male, as he was suffering from a dexterity problem. His wife was his carer, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer is now not able to care for him.

Is he entitled to have another DMMR?

Case 4

Mr Smith had a punch biopsy 5 days ago (for which you have charged 23 + 30071 as procedure item already). He presents to you for removal of sutures. Results aren’t available yet. You perform the suture removal. The receptionist asks you what billing item number she should charge.

What would your answer be? 3? 23? Standard aftercare?

5. Submit your own case or question

If you have a case of your own that you would like to discuss, or a burning question, submit it here, and we will aim to discuss it at the workshop:

Note: This step is both optional and anonymous.

6. Attend the webinar

A Zoom link and further details will be emailed out to you prior to the webinar. If you have any queries please contact us on 08 8366 3100 or at



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